Alfred's AWS - All Weather Solutions for Recumbent Bicycles

for Recumbent Bicycles

Alfred's AWS - All Weather Solution for Recumbents
AWS for the Streamer® Front Fairing from HP Velotechnik
The AWS Streamer-Cape is the ideal complement for your Streamer® to keep your entire body dry in any weather.
AWS for the Streamer® Front-Fairing from HP Velotechnik
The AWS Streamer-Cape can be stored on top of the Streamer® with the "convertible belts" for standby rapid access during fluctuating weather. In seconds the Cape can be released and pulled over for full protection from the rain. Thanks to the light weight (800 grams) you can always take it along.
AWS for Streamer®
  • Quick installation through the use of "snap-adjusters"
  • No changes required on the Streamer® from HP Velotechnik
  • No drilling
  • No gluing
  • No tools required

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Contact us,
call or fax +49 8158 9508,
or  mail
to obtain colour samples. You will receive your AWS about 3 or 4 weeks after ordering.

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