Alfred's AWS - All Weather Solutions for Recumbent Bicycles

for Recumbent Bicycles

Alfred's AWS - All Weather Solution for Recumbents
AWS for the Radnabel All-Purpose Recumbent
No more bad weather surprises with the Shark, it is always a pleasure riding with this All-Weather-Solution. It keeps you not only dry, but also has lots of space for baggage. This front compartment also improves the aerodynamics of the recumbent. The shark consists of the upper segment for baggage, a lower detachable foot extension, and the cape with the cap and hood.

AWS shark for Radnabel ATL klassik The sharkhead is built around an aerodynamically shaped lightweight plywood baseplate. This baseplate is mounted with two heavyduty bungies on the front carrier. The sharkhead is collapsable, like the cover of a buggy, to facilitate loading or unloading as well as allowing for spacesaving storage of the sharkhead. The footextension can be clipped into place on the underside of the baseplate to ensure warm and dry feet in the worst of weather. AWS shark for Radnabel ATL. Image copyright Radnabel. The bikes light shines through the clear shark mouth.

The cape is attached to bungied hooks on either side of the baseplate. This setup provides for excellent air circulation as well as enough free body movement for a very comfortable ride. The cape can be used off the bike as well, as a poncho. When it stops raining, the cape can just be stuffed into the front compartment, or packed into the stuffsack.

Delfin: AWS delfin for Radnabel. Image copyright Radnabel. This lighter and more compact model is available for the foldable Radnabel ATL. The picture shows a translucent demo model. The Delfin also fits for the standard Radnabel ATL. The Delfin is about 1000 grams lighter than the Shark, and 15 cm shorter. It has 50 liters capacity.

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