Alfred's AWS - All Weather Solutions for Recumbent Bicycles

for Recumbent Bicycles

Alfred's AWS - All Weather Solution for Recumbents
Description of the AWS
Do you need to ride with suit and tie? You can't ride your recumbent just because it's raining cold? Or just because it looks like it might rain?

With the AWS that is no longer relevant.

Whether you use your recumbent for touring or daily commuting: You can always take your AWS with you. The light weight and compact stow-away size makes it the ideal insurance against adverse weather conditions.

The AWS can be rapidly converted from "full protection" to "convertible" when the weather changes quickly from rain to sunshine and back to rain again. No need to even get off your bike.

The AWS is made out of coated polyester material which is very rugged, absolutly waterproof and UV resistant. Since the only contact to the rider is over the shoulders, there is minimal heat accumulation.

For traffic safety reasons the optional hood is detached from the main cape. This detached hood allows you to shouldercheck without being blinded by an immovable hood. The detached hood has a wide collar which overlapes the cape for complete protection. A helmet can be worn over the hood.

For good passive safety, the AWS has generous stripes of reflective material.

Another advantage of an AWS: your parked recumbent stays nice and dry when parked out in the rain under your AWS.

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